ADIGEE provides extremely targeted advertising with the ultimate simplistic signup.  

We are an avenue for sharing content to relevant networks. Choose your industries and support individuals, businesses, and technologies that improve the community. Release your art.

What excites us?

Sustainable and exponential growth.

Do you love impressing people, educating local businesses, exploring diverse markets, being in high demand, and enabling limitless and cheap scalability?

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What big problem do we solve?

Growing businesses have very limited marketing budgets and want to make sure every penny is spent towards converting a qualified and often LOCAL customer that is ALREADY buying or using a product or service in their industry!

Facebook and Instagram advertising is typically the simplest and potentially best value mediums for digital marketing, yet even those waste huge amounts of money for those that aren't optimizing all the features and timings the expertise demands.

How do our customers win?

Adigee keeps it so simple. If you like the business of the hosting partner(s) and share their demographic, then just submit your ad and we'll get it to the right places!

We simplify.

How do we profit?

We just maintain our database and grow with partners and customers. Over time, monthly ad revenue supports local businesses and we get a small cut!

Meet the team!

David Chau - Founder
David Chau has been entrepreneurial since an unusually early age:  from working in his father's Philadelphia convenience store at age 7, to mentoring and tutoring other students in grade school, through four years at Lockheed Martin in Florida starting at age 16, and into a subsequent career path in corporate IT. Today, along with his full-time IT position, he also manages a small property management operation as well as running ADIGEE: a recent start-up endeavor that was inspired by observing his father's struggles with the challenges of small business ownership.  When David isn't working or looking for solutions to everyday problems, he can be found rock climbing,swing dancing, or backpacking through various national parks.
Amy Davenport - Co Founder
Amy Davenport has been a Central Florida resident for 20+ years, working for the majority of that time in the Employee Benefits industry, assisting businesses ranging from 5 to 500 employees.  In recent years she stepped back from the corporate environment and ventured into simple small business ownership - a beauty salon- which then became the first host location of the prototype ADIGEE board. Recognizing its potential, she carved out a position with the company,complementing the already-promising ADIGEE team with her experience in sales,presentations, administration and networking.  Some of Amy's personal endeavors reflect similar social themes:  she is an avid swing dancer, as well as a jazz singer, musician and occasional event planner.  However,she can occasionally be found in less-inhabited areas, honing survival skills and enjoying the outdoors.
Xaiver Leblanc
Resident Media Director, Xavier LeBlanc, has over 14 years of experience within the media industry in a variety of roles and platforms. This includes broadcast news production with CBS and Telemundo, writing copy and covering major entertainment events throughout the US for digital publications,and heading marketing department projects for corporate employers. He has also worked on major feature film productions for studios such as Warner Bros,Disney and 20th Century Fox.

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